Tuesday, August 31, 2010

What is a Boxwood Bead?

For many of us the idea of what we are doing to enhance our health and enrich our well being is now coming with the question what is this doing to our planet? Well for the enchanting Boxwood creations that question can be answered that they are Green Beads!
For thousands of years Netsukes have charmed their viewers. A huge detraction to this exquisite form of legend/myth telling was that fact that they were carved out of Elephant Tusk. As the planet has become more aware of what happens to the magnificent elephants, it has made this extraordinary art form repugnant as well as illegal to own for many. The switch to boxwood has made these enchanting objects a green product as boxwood is an easily farmed rapidly growing wood. Boxwood is carved green when it is soft and as it dries it hardens. It is used in it's dwarf form for topiary in the west and the larger variety for ornamental and even furniture carving in China and other eastern countries. It is an ecology friendly solution to preserving an ancient art, when boxwood is used to carve Netsukes and other object d'art. These enchanting pieces are used to evokes different energies and feelings into jewelry, as statuary and other forms of ornamentation. Here are some of our incredibly detailed Boxwood Netsukes, Ojime and other items we carry!  


Laurie Sherman and John Evans said...

I have four so far! They are so wonderful, and beautiful and full of sweet energy. I am having a hard time making them into jewelry as I am just having fun with them. One could easily collect these gems! Thank you, Sylvia, for the great blog info. Once I make a necklace with one, may I use your words (as your name, company) to explain about them. You've said it so much better than could I. Gracias. SatyaRising Sanctuary

Dr. John said...

Thank you for this great info. I have four of these from SilverRose beads now, and intend to collect more and use them in the healing jewelry that I design and create for/with clients (satyarising.com).
They are so cute that I'm having fun just playing with them, looking at them, they are intricate, beautiful, you can feel the energy of the person who carved and signed it. Sylvia, can we use your words when I have featured a Boxwood Bead in a healing necklace. You are so eloquent, and you know so much more than do I about these wonderful creatures from the earth and sky. Namaste, Dr. Laurie Sherman, www.satyarising.com Vienna, VA