Monday, October 18, 2010

SODALITE - Enlightment through Delight!

As soon as I touch it’s smooth deep blue velvet surface kissed with constellations and galaxies of snow-white calcite a feeling of ecstatic peace permeates my being.  This lovely stone brings all the galaxies into choirs of praise about the very nature of who we are.  It will help you to recognize and verbalize your true feelings.  It will connect you to a part of yourself that enables you to ‘know” the sacred laws of the universe.  Sodalite wants to charm people into looking inside themselves and experience the incredible wonder that they are.  It call for us to look at the potential that we are.  That life is here now, savor it, taste it, live!

We all are on journey but it’s not the destination that holds the most potential for growth but the trip itself that Sodalite gently and calmly tells the careful listener.  Whether your travels are physical emotional or spiritual, Sodalite will make them smoother and delightful while revealing the true nature of your journey. 

Because of its ability to reveal to you your authentic self, Sodalite positively affects one’s self-esteem.
Physically it is said to balance the endocrine system.  It also has been reputed to be calming and regulating to the central nervous system.  It assists with calcium absorption.

It can be smoothed on the body to dissipate fears and anxiety.  Might I recommend a quiet private place, as you reactions to this incredible gem can be startlingly exquisite and you want to make sure you enjoy them!

Written by: Sylvia C. Rose-Johnson

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Purple Flower Sodalite
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