Tuesday, August 31, 2010

What is a Boxwood Bead?

For many of us the idea of what we are doing to enhance our health and enrich our well being is now coming with the question what is this doing to our planet? Well for the enchanting Boxwood creations that question can be answered that they are Green Beads!
For thousands of years Netsukes have charmed their viewers. A huge detraction to this exquisite form of legend/myth telling was that fact that they were carved out of Elephant Tusk. As the planet has become more aware of what happens to the magnificent elephants, it has made this extraordinary art form repugnant as well as illegal to own for many. The switch to boxwood has made these enchanting objects a green product as boxwood is an easily farmed rapidly growing wood. Boxwood is carved green when it is soft and as it dries it hardens. It is used in it's dwarf form for topiary in the west and the larger variety for ornamental and even furniture carving in China and other eastern countries. It is an ecology friendly solution to preserving an ancient art, when boxwood is used to carve Netsukes and other object d'art. These enchanting pieces are used to evokes different energies and feelings into jewelry, as statuary and other forms of ornamentation. Here are some of our incredibly detailed Boxwood Netsukes, Ojime and other items we carry!  

Friday, August 13, 2010

Ancient Beaders- Modern Thinking

The fascination with beads stretches out into our distant past as documented in article on NPR.
As beaders, what do we have in common with early man? Our endless fascination with beads! According to anthropologist, Chris Henshilwood, this is fascination is what occurred and beads use caused humankind to develop symbolic thinking. Beads represented who they were, what tribe they belonged, what they believed, what their status was, where they had been. Not to dissimilar from how we wear our beads today. In other words, beads were used as symbols. How incredible that an evolutionary jump that prepared the human brain for modern living is credited to our fascination with beads! So when the urge hits you hard and strong, just remember the very part that makes us fully modern human is connected with the beautiful primal urge to decorate ourselves with beads.
To read in more detail about this incredible theory go to: http://www.npr.org/templates/story/story.php?storyId=129082962
Some Shell Beads we carry: Images are click-able to items.

Monday, August 2, 2010


KUNZITE The very name Kunzite conjures images of exotic destinations and alluring places. My first experience with Kunzite was very amazing. I was leaving a large gem sale. One of the last tables I walked by contained several large and rather rugged looking natural crystals. I paused and immediately my eyes were drawn to a vivid pinkish-lavender crystal about 10 inches long. I reached to touch it and somehow I felt it was reaching out for large  kunziteme at the same time. I was so excited! I held it in my hands and felt this incredible humming and warm loving vibration. I didn’t stop to think, "how could this happen?" it just was and I knew this crystal had been meant for me always. I reluctantly left my new ‘love’ and ran off to find my daughter to introduce her to the Kunzite, plus she had my purse!

When I returned to purchase the crystal and it was handed to me I felt like I was taking home a new precious baby but a baby with all the knowledge of perfect love. Which it knew how to give without measure or thought of anything in return. It seemed to nestle snuggly in the crook of my arm where it gently began to melt into me with soothing loving warmth.

The first time I received a Reiki treatment. The practitioner had just begin and I exclaimed ‘Kunzite!” She said, “What?” I said, “The energy that is coming into me feels just like Kunzite”. It is easy to see why many have called Kunzite the stone of Divine love and joy.

Kunzite is very healing to both the physical body and the emotions. On the physical level kunzite sooths the lungs and promotes clear breathing. It takes away shyness and promotes feelings of self-esteem. When placed in ones surroundings it brings a feeling of peace, closeness and a Divine love begins to prevail. Joy is another by-product of this absolutely amazing stone.

Often when I am doing a fund raising sale and things are feeling down or negative I haul out my great old ‘baby’. Before long the day begins to turn into one of love, hope and peace.

I hope that you to will find your “kunzite” and it will bring the joy, success and love mine has brought to me and mine!

Light, love and Laughter,

Sylvia C. Rose-Johnson (Stone intuitive)

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