Tuesday, June 21, 2011

What's Happening at Silver Rose Beads! (Re-Discovered!)


Recently added items are some exquisite British Columbia Nephrite Jade Beads.  They are sprinkled with attractive dendrites that make the most interesting patterns!  We were able to acquire these beauties at reasonable prices when they were purchased some years ago on a trip to the far East.  Recently we moved our warehouse 33 miles to our house at a small lake and in the processes found many dynamic beads that had been 'hidden'.  The move was an enormous job but full of amazing 'surprises'!  The good news is the items were purchased when the dollar was much stronger and the cutting and quality of gemstones beads on a higher scale than are now available for purchase.  Synthetics and ? materials were not available for purchase at that time.  I have been in the jewelry and gemstone business for 35 years.  Stone energy is a very real for thing for me and the manufactured, altered and synthetic material is glaringly apparent to me.  These beads are incredible Natural British Columbia Nephrite Jade.

As New (re-discovered) items are added to our website our BLOG and ads on Facebook will keep you posted on our latest additions!

The Nephrite Jade comes in three distinct cuts, square coin, smooth briolette or teardrop and round coins.  The beads are listed in 16" strands, 8" or half-strands and a parcel size that is approximately a quarter of a 16" strand or 4" of beads.  This is done to make it possible for you, our customers to purchase exactly the quantity you desire.  If you are in need of some amount other than what is available do not hesitate to contact us with your needs at: silverrosebeads@silverrose.net.

Sylvia C. Rose-Johnson

Stone Intuitive and

The Silver Rose