Friday, August 13, 2010

Ancient Beaders- Modern Thinking

The fascination with beads stretches out into our distant past as documented in article on NPR.
As beaders, what do we have in common with early man? Our endless fascination with beads! According to anthropologist, Chris Henshilwood, this is fascination is what occurred and beads use caused humankind to develop symbolic thinking. Beads represented who they were, what tribe they belonged, what they believed, what their status was, where they had been. Not to dissimilar from how we wear our beads today. In other words, beads were used as symbols. How incredible that an evolutionary jump that prepared the human brain for modern living is credited to our fascination with beads! So when the urge hits you hard and strong, just remember the very part that makes us fully modern human is connected with the beautiful primal urge to decorate ourselves with beads.
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