Friday, January 21, 2011

Fossilized Coral - Gift from the Pre-Cambrian Era


Fossilized coral is also known as Agatized coral and Petoskey stone!  This gemstone can add a wonderful  dimension of earthiness and the marvelous healing energy of nature  to your creations.  The intricate patterning is so fascinating adding texture and interest to your designs. 

When made into jewelry the neutral color Fossilized Coral comes goes well with other stones and complements many intense colors worn in clothing .  The stone energy also is compatible with almost all other stone energies so I use it freely with everything from Aquamarine to Quartz.  This is also a green stone as the animal that inhabited this marvel of nature left 452 million years ago.  So one can use it without worry!

In the distant past coral reefs were more abundant than today and this is where much of the Fossilized Coral we see today was formed.  Some of these ancient reefs lie in sedimentary rock or in places such as England's Gault clay formation.   Found predominately in Michigan's Upper Peninsula, and the northwestern portion of Michigan's lower peninsula is Petroskey stone.  Petoskey stones are masses of fossil colony coral called Hexagonaria percarinata. 

Let this amazing gift from the Pre-Cambrian era bring the incredible creative force of 452 million years ago into your creations of today!

Fossilized Coral
Fossilized Coral