Monday, April 27, 2009

Take our Dauthers & Sons to Work Day ... at the Silver Rose

Sylvia photographing John accounting
Emily packing orders. Amber answering email.

Do you ever wonder just who you are buying from out on the world wide web?

I wanted to take some time and introduce you to us in honor of "Take our Daughters and Sons to work day" as we are a family business.

Sylvia (my mom) created this business when I was about 2 months old. She started as a silver & gold smith creating pieces in the Navajo tradition. After teaching a few college courses, she decided to do more. She created a fund-raising business for local hospitals and other corporations. As my brother, sister and I grew older we began to help out by selling and creating the jewelry. John (my dad) joined us and now does the books :)

Now that we are a online business, we get to see each other everyday! Sylvia does most of the photography, jewelry design and creative work. John still does the books and gives us a male perspective on many things. I (Emily) pack orders, create sales emails, write newsletters, design how-tos, manage the blog, Facebook, MySpace and Twitter accounts along with my sister, Amber. Amber is also our email Goddess! She answers all the questions, resloves all issues and harmonizes all requests! A very busy one ... that sister of mine!

Thank you for all your support! Without our fabulous customers, SilverRoseBeads would not survive :)

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Kathleen said...

How fun! I love family businesses =)

Thanks for following my blog =)