Monday, April 20, 2009

Pearls - A Renewable Resource

Once one of the most highly valued commodities on the planet, the freshwater pearl is now available to almost everyone. The catch phrase in all we do should be , “is it a green product or green?”. You can rest assured Freshwater pearls are. Rivers, streams and lakes are kept clean so this ancient creature can grow breathtaking pearls to adorn the most discerning taste.

The oyster is taken care of in a manner to assure that it lives a normal healthy life span for the larger it grows; the larger the pearls. Large pearls bring in more revenue. The cleaner the water; the healthier the oyster and with this comes more beautiful, iridescent luster and smooth blemish free nacre. In this manner pearl or oyster farming encourages keeping the waterways clean and free of pollutants.

After the first crop of pearls is harvested from the oysters a pearl sac or pocket is left in the oyster. It doesn't need to be seeded for the oyster will now produce the very valuable and sought after Rose Petal or Corn Flake Keishi pearl. A Keishi pearl is composed entirely of nacre as no seeding has been done. After the Keishi is harvested the oyster is now ready to grow to the truly spectacular 10mm to 12mm pearls that are the reining divas of the pearl world. As this is the sought after outcome, safely guarding the life span and health of the oyster has now come full circle.

Through farming practices that bring premium harvest of the highest quality pearls, one can witness this amazing gift of nature as a truly green product. It is a renewable resource that keeps small independent groups of individuals employed, keeps the waterways clean and assures that the oysters producing this treasure of nature are carefully tended indeed.

So relax and enjoy pearls in all their varied form. These gems of nature are an absolute delight to design with and gift some to yourself as the hues they come in compliment every skin tone.

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