Tuesday, April 28, 2015

The Feldspar Family - Versatile and Unique! Amazonite, Big Cat Feldspar, Labradorite, Moonstone, Spectrolite and Sunstone!

Premium Beads would like to invite you to explore an extraordinarily diverse family of gemstones - Feldspar!

Not only is Feldspar found in nearly two thirds of all rocks on Earth it has also been found in lunar rocks from the Moon!  What's even more incredible is that a rock analyzed by the Mars Rover was found to have a large Feldspar content!  How fantastic is that?

Let this spectacular family of gemstones light your creatives fires with it wonderful play of color!  It is truly a family of stone that speaks to our inner creative genius!

Feldspar is a family of minerals which contains the following diverse cousins!

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Amazonite is a spectacularly versatile stone which ranges in color from greenish yellow to aqua green to blue green.  Due to its name it is often associated on a metaphysical level with Feminine strength and power.  It is also strongly linked with the healing of and development of the relationship between the heart and throat chakras.

Big Cat Feldspar is a particularly beautiful member of the Feldspar family.  The background varies from a tawny beige to tiger orange and is streaked and spotted with fantastic black and deep brown patterning!  What's not to love?


Labradorite is a fascinating gemstone which often presents with a grey background which is sometimes greenish.  Labradorite is particularly known for its flashes of rainbow color called  labradorescence.  As an added bonus it sometimes contains little glittery particles known as schiller. 
 It is said to bring the magic of the extraordinary into our everyday lives!


 Moonstone derives it's name from the incredible interplay of light found in many specimens that bespeaks the play of moonlight.   It ranges in color from Peach to Grey to White.  Metaphysically it is linked to the moon and all of its cycles.  It is believed to help one move through and learn from the natural cycles of life.

Spectrolite, also known as Rainbow Moonstone is similar to Moonstone with the exception that the moonlight can be blue, gold, red, lavender and many other hues.   It has a white to clear background with flashes of color that are often blue but can be any color of the rainbow. 

Sunstone is an orange to orange/red stone that exhibits schiller in the form of red copper inclusions.  This soul arresting gem can stir your heart!
Metaphysically: sunstone is said to bring light and truth to everyday situations.

We at Premium Bead hope that you have enjoyed exploring the exquisite Feldspar family of gemstones with us.  You can click on any of the stone names to see more of these lovely stones on our website www.premiumbead.com


Anonymous said...

Fascinating! So helpful and interesting to learn the background.

I have only seen sunstone and moonstone in the flesh - do the other colours also have 'flash'? I'm thinking of peach or grey moonstone.

Premium Bead said...

Thank you for your great question!

Yes, peach and grey moonstone can exhibit flash as well. It is most commonly white flash but it can in some instances, be blue as well.

Here is a link to one of our peach moonstone items that clearly exhibits flash in the image: