Monday, September 12, 2011

Dynamic JASPER Healer Extraordinary & Design Diva!

With autumn fast approaching it seems appropriate to talk of Jasper as it contains all the colors that speak of fall or autumn making it the perfect design component for your jewelry designs!

JASPER - It is difficult to know where to start with this gemstone that has such a wide array of choices. There are so many extraordinarily beautiful types of Jasper.  The overall feeling of Jasper is one of connection to the earth and in turn to us the children of the earth.  It supports us with its earthy colors and its beauty.  To behold such beauty elevates one out of the doldrums and focuses the mind on higher thoughts!

The ancient Egyptians used Jasper in carved scarabs to increase their sexual energy.  Too bad we can't ask them if it worked!  It their longevity as a race is an indication it did have a quite amazing effect.  The Bible lists Jasper as the first foundation stone of the New Jerusalem as it was considered a direct gift from God.  Natives in both America as well Asia see Jasper as a powerful, effective healer as well as a maker of rain.
Jasper is a fine grained opaque ornamental rock composed of Chalcedony and  micro-crystalline quartz plus other minerals that gift it with colored bands and swirls.

Here are a some of the named Jaspers that make up this spell binding gemstone! Captions are linkable to the items!  Image do not link.

Exotica Jasper
EXOTICA JASPER - Is a jasper that is in the classification of  Porcelain Jasper that comes from Sonora, Mexico.  It is wonderfully beautiful with it rich patterns of cranberry red, cream, light gray all swirled together in an ice cream Sunday blend!  This gemstone is a soothing protection stone thus bringing peace to the wearer.  It also increases the ability to solve complex issues by drawing in all the aspects of the problem.

Apache Jasper

APACHE JASPER - is a Jasper that is filled with vivid and exciting patterns.  There is no mistaking its unique pattern designs and colors.  If you are starting a project or new phase in your life Apache Jasper is for you!  It will aid you in successfully completing your project or help you enter the new phase in your life with grace and assurance.


Imperial Jasper
IMPERIAL JASPER - is a stunning Jasper composed of soft sherbert colors that soothe the eye and the spirit.  Imperial Jasper is another find from Mexico the location of the mine is between Jalisco and Zacatecas, about 50 miles north of the city of Guadalajara.  Imperial Jasper helps one to feel the contentment that their life generates and relax into their life script!  This gorgeous gemstone feels wonderful!
 Make yourself a strand or a pendant and run your fingers across it often to feel the rightness of your life's path!

Ocean Jasper
OCEAN JASPER: is one of the most intoxicating Jaspers with its wild orbicular patterns and intense colors!  It is said to align all the Chakras and create harmony within the body.  I have found that stone energies are subtle not like Western medicine that is startling and disruptive to the body but gentle and kind.  Sometimes they need to be worn for months to get the full therapeutic effect.  It is said that one can comb beaches on the Island of Madagascar and the pebbles are Ocean Jasper!  What
 a wonderful beach combing that would be!  Ocean Jasper is filled with druzy pockets which amplify the energy of the stone as it is most usually minute quartz crystals.  Use it in your designs to connect to Mother Earth and all the beauty and healing that lies within Her.  Nearly every hue is present in this gift from the planet.

There are so many Jaspers!  I would like to mention a few extraordinary ones that are wonderful for their colors and patterns.  Making them perfect for Fall or Autumn designs!








May you have have a wonderful time exploring the wonderful world of Jaspers.  They are many and can be depended on to supply with a rich source of design possibilities!

Sylvia C. Rose-Johnson
Stone Intuitive

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