Thursday, July 22, 2010


NOTES on TURQUOISE – Brings a deep sense of peacefulness to the wearer, a global feeling that everything is right with the universe. A soothing sense that life is unfolding to a divine and perfect plan.

Eases breathing and opens the throat. Calms and soothes the thyroid. Encourages the third eye to open and helps direct the flow of energy from the source into the crown chakra.

A good stone to wear next to ones skin. Brings feeling of overall well-being. Ancient Native Americans believed turquoise drew healing spirits to the wearer.

The beauty of this gem reflects the endless sky, representing our Father as well as verdant green that inspire thoughts of our beloved Terra, our home and Mother (Goddess). Both colors can be intricately patterned with spider webbing suggestive of the ‘web’ that holds all life together. Beauty reflects back to the viewer, that is what I find pleasing and of benefit to me. I must touch it, I must feel it and I must have this near me. Having this increases my vibrations.

I believe all this happens on a non-verbal level, but it happens when beauty beguiles our eyes and stirs our soul. So as you pick out a gem for yourself remember, it appears beautiful to you for a very specific reason. Trust that reason and enjoy, heal and prosper from your gemstone relationships.

Written by

Sylvia C. Rose-Johnson

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