Monday, February 22, 2010

Getting Ready for Spring!

Getting Ready for Spring!

Here at the Silver Rose, we are experiencing sunlight! A rare and unexpected occurrence in the Northwest at the end of February. We have had a few days of uninterrupted sunshine and warm temperatures (in the 50s!) and this has inspired thoughts of gardening.

Last week, we planted several types of flower seeds using potting soil and cardboard egg cartons. I'm looking forward to the sweet peas and blue poppies :) At the end of this week, we're going to sprout some spinach and tomato plants. There is still some frost on the ground so our little sprouts will remain in their egg cartons for a few weeks before transplantation.

I love having fresh cut flowers and fresh veggies straight out of the garden & this Spring is shaping up to be a real bloomer :) I'm excited about tasting the fruits and veggies of our labor. Our garden will serve several purposes for us here at the SR: saving some $$$, helping to protect the environment by reducing green-house gasses (fewer trucks on the road delivering our veggies & during photosynthesis plants absorb carbon dioxide and give off oxygen) & recycling our egg cartons. Small steps, but steps to make a difference!

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