Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Blogging Beading Communities & Forums

It seems that there are so many areas in cyberspace where beaders meet that are always changing every other day its often hard to keep them all straight.

The Jewelry Design Network

my profile at Bead-Space

my profile on Bead Showcase

Beadwork at has great guides, tips, and forums

A lot of the forums that once were bigger have lost members as time and companies have changed. left and some forums are area specific like or for Pittsburg beaders.

Bead and Button still has a huge community forum with beaders from all over.

With such a large community to draw on their are so many people with great ideas and lessons to teach, that's why I use Google Reader to view all my favorite forums, blogs, and websites in one space.

No matter what feed reader you use Atom, Netvibes, NewsGator, Google Reader or Bloglines I think that RSS feeds are such an easy fun way to stay up on our communities latest trends.

Google Reader is so easy to use you just click subscribe and add it to Google. I like to use it to keep track of my close beading friends.

Where do you like to go to share your hobby?

blessed beading!

- Dan


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