Thursday, September 23, 2010

Let Coral speak to you . . .

 Red Branch Coral

Ever imagine what stone energy could do for you?  That is what I am going to talk about mostly in this particular article.

Coral when farmed is good for the environment as it helps keep the waters cleaner and is an easily renewable product.  The best prices are for clean blemish free coral and this is best obtained by clean water.  The coral is carefully harvested.  Explosives are not used therefore leaving the surrounding flora and fauna unharmed.  Thus with careful harvesting Coral can be beneficial to the environment, our healing, and our adornment, a happy marriage indeed. 

On the healing side Coral is said to aid in cleansing the blood when applied as a healing gemstone.  Coral is also said to bring a feeling of well being, a connection to our inner purpose.  As far as specific ailments it will bring healing to all areas of the body with specific attention to the eyes, bone, bone marrow, blood, circulatory system and the respiratory system.  As an organic gemstone it can help us connect to nature and all the benefits she holds.  It also brings prosperity and attracts love to the wearer.  Red coral is particularly good for attracting love because it is a stone of passion.  It is an all purpose edifier, healer very beneficial for the body, emotional health, physical well being and even our good fortune.

Design wise coral is a wealth of ideas, a designer's dream.  So many colors, red, pink, white, salmon or coral, black, gold, fossilized coral as well as a wide variety of shapes, branches, tubes, rounds and every shapes known can be cut from it branches.  Play, let your imagination run down the path of creativity.  Maybe letting your designs echo the shapes of what you are using the piece you are designing to bring into fruition.  Let your pieces bring this marvel of the sea into contact with the skin where it can begin is healing work.  

Please share some of your ideas about this incredible gem of the seas and any healing ideas you may have experienced with the particular gemstone.

White Branch Coral


           Black Coral


            Gold Coral

          Fossilized Coral

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