Friday, June 25, 2010


Its a long way from natural stone beads to a Gluten free lifestyle but quality of life comes from being healthy and being gluten free is a one way to achieve a healthier life for a celiac. So please read on and discover how to live a delicious and healthy gluten free life. Since going off gluten and wheat products my life has become much easier and I have lost a considerable amount of weight (65 lbs!). I can breathe without the accompanying wheezing that used to be a companion to every breath I drew. I have more energy, fewer digestive upsets and an increased sense of well being. Has it been a panacea for all my health issues? Not quite, but it has made life so much more fun. I have found developing recipes a healthy and cost effective way to stay gluten free. I have the knowledge that what I am eating is gluten free and wholesome. This recipe contains whole organic grains for the most part. When my husband, due to a medical condition, went gluten free it became even more important to keep things tasty and appealing. He enjoys this bread as it contains Amaranth which has a delicious malty flavor and it has made staying gluten free so much easier for both of us. I believe it is less expensive than bakery bought gluten free bread and more nutritious due to the high protein and high fiber flour. We will let all the people who receive a copy of the recipe know via email the best prices for the ingredients. Please enjoy this delicious and nutritious recipe. May it enrich your life as it has ours! Our son and daughters who are not on a gluten free diet think it's really great. Be one of the first 10 people to respond to this post and receive the Gluten Free Amaranth Bread recipe for free. Don't want to post? Just send $2.49 via PayPal to silverrosebeads and request a copy of Gluten Free Bread and one will will be send to your email account. Thank you very much for listening to my story. We would love to hear yours and your ideas on gluten free living or healthy living. Look for most posts on gluten free living as interest dictates.

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