Monday, May 24, 2010

Storing and Caring for your Beading Supplies

Storing and Caring for your Beading Supplies

While it is great to have little helpers, sometimes organizing your beading supplies is a one person task :) After some trial and error (well really a lot of trial and error), I have found that some of the best ways to organize and store beads are found at your local hardware store or pharmacy.

A small tackle box is great for tools like pliers, rulers, watch crystal cement and more. I am in love with clear plastic pill sorters. They are easy to see and they keep my beads securely sorted for future use. And the pill sorters fit into the tackle box easily.

As you collect more beads and supplies, it is also a good idea to have a written inventory. A simple spread sheet program like MS Excel can do wonders! Just entering in the specifics for each type of bead you have on hand will save you hours of searching for them. I like to make sure that I note the stone type, shape, size, cost of strand, cost per bead, vendor and date purchased. Using MS Excel, you can sort by the column to find similar shapes, sizes, stone type and more. And when you have finished your project, you can look at your MS Excel spreadsheet to calculate the cost.

Happy Beading!

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