Monday, April 19, 2010

Earth Day a Beautiful Concept

The Silver Rose is going green in ways that contribute to a healthier and sustainable planet. We have recycle bins in our work place and actually right along side our desks. We support local and online green business. Our regard for the earth includes driving small light carbon foot print cars and Eco-friendly cleaning products.

We carry products that are environmentally friendly such as pearls, boxwood beads and bone. Pearls are a renewable resource easily grown and harvest by local people thus creating jobs in remote areas and an encouragement to keep local waterways clean and viable. Boxwood is a quick growing ornamental tree that also encourages good farming practices and respect for nature. Bone when used in carving uses all the parts of the animals thus cutting back on waste. Turning something into a work of art that would generally be thrown on to a waste pile.

It has been a turn around to look back on how earth friendly has taken on new meaning and given respect where once we earth lovers were called tree-huggers and looked on as a rather second class citizen and just not too bright. Now it's seen as the right thing to do. This is a change I love to see!

Please look around you and see all the ways that you are helping keep our planet healthier and thus more sustainable for those that follow and give yourself a great big hug.

Sylvia C. Rose-Johnson ES

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