Monday, March 22, 2010

Boxwood and the Environment

Boxwood and the Environment

For thousands of years Netsukes have charmed their viewers. A huge detraction to this exquisite form of legend/myth telling was that fact that they were carved out of Elephant Tusk. As the planet has become more aware of what happens to the magnificent elephants, it has made this extraordinary art form repugnant as well as illegal to own for many. The switch to boxwood has made these enchanting objects a green product as boxwood is an easily farmed wood. Boxwood is carved green when it is soft and as it dries it hardens. It is used in it's dwarf form for topiaries in the west and the larger variety for ornamental and even furniture carving in China and other eastern countries. It is an ecology friendly solution to preserving an ancient art when boxwood is used to carve Netsukes and other object d'art.

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