Monday, January 4, 2010

2010 Fashion Color Forecast

This year's fashion color forecast reflects Nature's dramatic to soft beauty for us at the Silver Rose. Color and Nature are such an integral pieces of the designing puzzle for me. Our studio has a large window to see all the changes of season. Here in the Northwest, we are known for gray, rainy days but all that rain makes for a lush green landscape. With Mt. Rainer in the background, this view lends itself to flights of fancy and designing dreams :)

SoftBlossom BreakingDawn PoppyBlossom Chestnut
Sunshine GrassyField FernFrond Evergreen
Silver Gold Gooseberry MossyLawn
AlpineBlue Tundra PalmTree TropicalSea
ClearSky OceanWaves DeepRiver Twilight
SnowDrift DarkPeony Heather EnchantingIris
SandDunes Loam CanyonTrails ToastedWalnut
Dewdrop FogBanks SultrySmoke Midnight

Enjoy our newest Color Forecast here.

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