Monday, July 20, 2009

Evening on the Beach

With summer comes vacations, especially beach vacations! These two colors: Wet Sand Tan & Ocean Blue-Green Aqua remind me of evening walks on the beach! The ocean lapping at the wet sand! So peaceful & relaxing :)

After a recent trip to the beach with my family, I wanted to create this bracelet to remind myself of the serenity of evening strolls in the wet sand next to the roaring ocean. I used Pyrite coin beads (#9104), rough Apatite nugget beads (#9882) and sterling silver findings for this piece.

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champagne coin pearls mookaite 14Kgf pendant pyrite oval beads

square fossilized coral coin beads natural champagne diamond 18K pendant bead dalmation stone jasper rectangle beads
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faceted amazonite coin beads 6mm round blue fluorite beads sterling aquamarine earrings

10mm round aquamarine beads blue diamond on 18K pendant bead carved fluorite massage stone

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1 comment:

Marilyn said...

Love the video! And the bracelet is gorgeous. What a great way to create memories of your trip to the beach.