Monday, May 11, 2009

Celebrating Mothers and others who nurture us!

Mother's Day! What a great reminder to celebrate our mothers and other people who nurture us!
Creativity is often hard to keep alive in our busy world, but if we take time to nurture it and ourselves the rewards are endless.
This year my mother was in London for Mother's day, so I called her and we chatted for a few moments. She is having a great time there with my Dad and brother :)
I got to celebrate with my daughter and husband. They let me sleep in while they created a sumptuous breakfast of french toast and strawberries (of 'frawberries' as my daughter calls them). Then we spent a relaxing day with each other.
All this time away from work, helped me relax and contemplate what a joy life can be :) My family is so close thanks to working together and spending special days away from work.
Here's hoping that you and yours get to spend some special time together nurturing each other and the creative spirit!
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Sylvia said...

What a great entry! Makes me feel so good that my special Daughter wrote it. Just returned from Kew Gardens and creativity blooms everywhere!

cappy sue creations said...

that is beautiful I lost my mother a little over 6 yrs ago and think of her so much on mothers day. It is wonderful you are enjoying each other and your time together.